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Our History

More than a decade, RINZA Instruments has substantiated itself as the largest and most respected manufacturer/exporter of Electrosurgical instruments in Pakistan. Our instruments are manufactured in Pakistan by master craftsmen on best equipped machines setup.

  • High quality instruments

    Made with high quality stainless steels and coated with special unbreakable and nontoxic Nylon material. Our fine instruments are hand crafted for precision and durability. We are dedicated to producing the precision instruments that you demand at the cost effective price you require.

  • Research & Development

    Rinza Instruments is an industry leader in research, design, development and manufacturing of “electrosurgical instruments” with dependable quality that functions under the most demanding conditions.

Our Manufacturing Process

Trying to find an odd size or discontinued instrument? We maintain distribution agreements with many popular instrument manufacturers world wide. Our customer service group can often research hard to find items or the specific instruments with which you are most comfortable working.

Monopolar, Bipolar Forceps

The bipolar forceps securely grasp tissue, precisely dissect, and are able to effectively coagulate small as well as very large blood vessels (2 mm to 20 mm), alleviating the need for surgical clips or staples.

Diathermy Electrodes

Diathermy Pencils are medical devices used to fulgurate, coagulate, cut or dissect biological tissue by the applying electric current during electrosurgery.

ESU Diathermy Cables

Electrosurgical cables enable power to flow between the diathermy instruments and an electrosurgical generator. Bipolar cables are for use with bipolar scissors.

Cautery Pencil & Return Plates

A high-frequency, high-voltage, alternating electrical current from a generator heats up the tip of the electrode, which burns the local tissue and achieves bleeding control.

Our Management

Rinza are a leader in the design and development of electrosurgical instruments. These precision crafted instruments are confidently used across all surgical specialties where electrosurgery is performed.


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What Our Client’s Say

Our clients praise us for our elite quality electrosurgical instruments

The friendly stuff at Rinza instruments is very knowledgeable and has always been very good at cross-referencing part numbers, even new products and disposables. Their 30-day, no-risk return guarantee makes it a no brainer.

Sebastian Barry

Purchase Manager

Everyone is very friendly and courteous and will go out of their way to help. I especially like the fact that a person answers the phone instead of an automated message.

Oliver Greenwood

Business Owner

All I have to do is email or call Rinza Instruments with the catalog number or description of an item and they respond back the same day with the comparable Rinza-Catalogue number.

Daisy Lana

Business Manager

Very helpful with the assitance of cross-referencing items. 30-day trial and inspection. 100% satisfaction - we did send something back once with no hassle.

Alden Smith

Surgery Supervisor